Precision Massage in Partnership with Complete Health
Sport Massage & Injury Rehabilitation

By Arron Hopkinson

Precision Massage- Meet The Team

George Dimitriadis Profile:

George is Qualified Sports Massage therapist after studying a degree in Sports massage, reflexology and shaitsu. George has experience performing massage within a range of professional, sporting and Spa environments in Greece and is suitable for all massage needs. . 

George is passionate about improving sports performance and recovery, he also has an impressive history of helping individuals with chronic pains and injuries and is comfortable doing massage across the body in the aid of recover . 

Specialising within massage therapies he will help manage his clients help you to understand your symptoms and inform of appropriate management techniques that will specific needs.

George has moved to and lives in Eastbourne, East Sussex and is now taking on new clients to help them on their journey back to full health. 

George Also enjoys taking care of his own health and is passionate about resistance based training, basketball and football. He also enjoys keeping his brain well trained by reading to continue his professional development and learn more so he can better treat his clients.

With a passion for helping others he will listen to your needs attentively and tailor plans specifically for your needs whether that means individual sessions or a more regular schedule of care.



All qualifications were done in Greece

Diploma Sports massage. 

Diploma Reflexology massage. 

Diploma Swedish massage . 

Diploma shiatsu massage.