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By Arron Hopkinson

Precision Massage- Making Time for Being Healthy

Tips for people with a very busy schedule:

Often when people get busy, unfortunately exercise and good nutrition are the first things that go out the window. However we have to remember that healthy living is just as important as work or studying. It is your health right? Keeping up with exercise and healthy eating will majorly help with stress and also allow your body to function and perform through these busy periods. Just remember your health is wealth!

Some useful tips on how to remain active and healthy despite a busy schedule.

1. Schedule allocated exercise times into your diary/calendar:

At the beginning of the week, I’ll look at my diary and figure out where I can fit in exercise, and write it in. The more specific, the better, for example, don’t just write “work out,” but something like “40 minute run” or “yoga — 1 hour.” Be sure to write it in a specific time slot, too, not just on that day in general. Treat exercise like any other concrete appointment or meeting you may have that you can’t skip, this will help to make sure you don’t cancel!

2.Get up early to work out, or take gym clothes with you and exercise immediately after work:

Generally motivation to exercise decreases as the day wears on, so It is best to try and get your workout complete first thing. When the alarm goes off, I’m just like everyone else, I think “Do I really have to do this?” However try to visualise how great you will feel after your workout, and how frustrated you would feel later on if you skipped it (evening workout hanging over your head for the rest of the day.) If working out first thing isn’t possible for you either because you really can’t do mornings, you have kids to prepare for their day or because you were up too late the night before (sleep is important!), then pack workout clothes and exercise immediately following work. I know that if most people come home first, Its likely they won’t make it back out so try and go straight from work. 

3.Recruit a workout buddy, or attend workout classes at a gym and make friends in the class:

Anything to help! You’re much less likely to cancel a workout if you know someone is expecting to see you. Some people love having workout buddies, because then when the alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., they know they have no choice but to get up because they’re buddy is waiting for them! This also helps to incorporate a social aspect to working out which many individuals enjoy, this will then encourage them to keep up and maintain attendance to the gym or exercise classes.

4. Meal prepping at the beginning of the week so you have healthy food on hand for quick lunches and dinners:

Preparing your lunches, snacks and dinners can really help some individuals, I believe this is where most people fall as they are too busy to cook or grab lunch so they quickly run into a fast food outlet mainly because it is quick, cheap and cheerful! Prep your meals on a Sunday evening so that you have good nutritious meals throughout the week this is great for your health and also cost efficient.