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By Arron Hopkinson

Precision Massage- Back Pain Blog 

Within this edition we will be speaking about back pain. Movement is a big part within our lives and anything which provides a barrier to us moving freely and without pain can have serious negative effects on our quality of life. Back pain is one of the biggest problems within the UK and is the injury with the highest prevalence out there at the moment I’m sure there are a high percentage of you readers who have suffered or are suffering with back pain at the moment. 

Prevention over cure, if you are not currently suffering with back pain then I’m sure it’s something you do not want to experience within the future. Within this section I am going to talk about some self-care principles to help avoid the dreaded back pain. 

Good healthy posture: 

Poor posture places strain on your spine and can lead to muscular imbalances. These imbalances can affect the way we move and cause discomfort when in different positions seated or standing.  When standing if you feel your weight is falling down through your heels or toes then it is likely you have a poor standing posture. 

Daily activities and hobbies: 

We all complete activity’s daily whether that be from brushing your teeth and leaning over the sink or attending fitness classes.  Some precautions to take on a daily basis can hold of the onset of back pain.

• Take regular short breaks from repetitive and strenuous work

• Avoid looking up for long periods

• Avoid over-reaching

• House work- avoid bending from your back use your hips and knees. 

• If working overhead, use a ladder rather than reaching to a high uncomfortable position. 

Desk work:

Around half of the UK working population have sedentary occupations, most notably office-based jobs, where more than 75% of the working day is spent sitting. ( 

This shows the importance of correct posture when within a desk based role due to the prolonged period of time spent sitting in front of a computer. 

Some things to help improve desk related posture are to have your shoulders back and neck comfortable, don’t look down for too long, consider a headset if using the phone frequently, avoid holding the phone between your ear and shoulder, get up and stretch regularly and finally have your work station assessed by HR department if this facility is available. 


We also spend a vast amount of time on a weekly basis travelling to and from places of work and home, we often tend to lean to one side and slouch especially when in traffic! When driving try to ensure you do the following:

• Avoid slouching 

• Sit right back into the seat 

• Adjust your seat to a comfortable position allowing you to reach the controls 

• Don’t lean to one side

• Take regular breaks if driving long distances


A  good night sleep is essential for our health, if you find that you are regularly waking up with a stiff neck or sore back then the chances are it could be related to your sleeping position or pillow. Your pillow needs to be thick enough that it supports your head into a position where your spine can be in a neutral position. 

• Avoid sleeping on your front 

• Find the best pillow for you

• Ensure your neck is supported but not over supported 

• Choose a good quality mattress 

• Sleep with pillow in-between your knees to support the lumber spine. 

There are various medications which can be prescribed either by GP or over the counter to help relieve some back related issues. However whilst the medication will provide temporary relief it will not actually address the cause and the underlying problem so it’s important to identify these, which can be done through various medical professions, physiotherapy, Sport massage, Osteopathy, chiropractic care are all professional industries able to attend and address back related issues. If you would like to contact us regarding any information you have read in this column or concerning a friends, family or you’re back related pain then please contact us!