Precision Massage in Partnership with Complete Health
Sport Massage & Injury Rehabilitation

By Arron Hopkinson

Precision Massage- About Precision Massage  

So firstly what is Precision Massage?

Founded in June 2010 by myself upon graduation from Cardiff Metropolitan University we are Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation specialists based between Physio Plus, Eastbourne and Southdown’s physiotherapy clinic in Seaford, East Sussex. We also offer home visits  upon request to suit clients if they would prefer massage or injury rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home and also if they are unable to leave the house due to their injury!

Why did I choose this industry?

As a child I spent a lot of time around physiotherapists due to the amount of football I was playing and injuries I picked up! Even if the physiotherapist weren’t treating me I always took an interest in what they were doing and found the human body and the anatomy and physiology side of things fascinating. It was when I got a bad ankle injury and I was having physiotherapy treatment on a regular basis that I realised this was something I wanted to get into. After spending a couple of months with Brighton and Hove Albion FC Medical team I was excited about the avenues I could exploit within the industry.

What were the reasons for starting Precision massage?

Upon graduating from Cardiff University, I wanted to go straight into Sport therapy and massage work. However I found that there weren’t a lot of jobs around. I applied for a few jobs and fortunately now, was unsuccessful. At the time I was a bit down and negative about things and I was struggling to see what I could go and do next. This inspired me to create the business so I could build something of my own rather than going to work for somebody and thankfully it was a great decision which has paid off.

Where do I see the business in 5 years’ time?

I’d like to expand the business gradually over the next 5 years to further locations around the east Sussex area. I’d also like to improve the range of services we provide rather than just the sports therapy and massage side of things, who knows how long it may be before we see Chiropractor’s, nutritionist’s and physiotherapists working under the precision massage brand! 


What are the benefits of sports massage and injury rehabilitation provided by Precision Massage?

Sports Massage can be defined as ‘the manipulation of soft tissue to release tension, reduce pain, restore range of movement and promote good condition. It’s a form of physical therapy used to help recover from and prevent injury. Massage can reduce postural problems, muscular tension, aches, pains, and cramp within the body. It also clears the muscle cells of waste products from exercise, increasing recovery and improving performance. This is why it can be so beneficial for a large quantity of individuals ranging from elderly, to individuals with desk based roles, sport professionals and many more!

Aims of Sport Massage and our aim at Precision Massage are to:

       ·         Improve circulation

              ·         Assist in the removal of metabolic waste

              ·         Help prevent Injury

              ·         Increase range of movement

              ·         Improve relaxation and Stress relief

              ·         Relieve general aches & Pains

              ·         Remodel scar tissue when required

              ·         Assist in mental preparation and recovery after sporting participation

As you can see there are various psychological and physical benefits from this type of treatment. People sometimes say to me “I thought sport massage was just for sporty people?” this couldn’t be more untrue in fact most people I see don’t participate in a sport. If you feel you would benefit from sport massage or you have a re-occurring injury which you no longer want then we could be of help to you!